Asset Active Tracking Subscription plan

Each unit is required one subscription to begin tracking. Our Active Tracking plan is $13.95/month.


  1. You can change your subscription by accessing the Profile in miTrail.
  2. From here you can navigate to the payment and devices tab.
  3. Look at your devices under subscriptions, press the 3 vertical dots and "change subscription."


  1. Active Tracking Plan is $13.95/ month 
  2. A user must add a payment method before selecting a plan 
  3. The Active Tracking Plan is recommended to monitor your your assets (RV, Storage Container, ATV), and be alerted in case of theft
  4. This is an active plan designed to keep a longer battery life for assets in motion on a regular basis
  5. You will receive alerts once a day, and you will be notified every 1 minute while this asset is in motion
  6. There "Anti Theft" geofence alerts to notify you of a boundary breach or poll position to request a current location. 



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