Assets Reports

A user can create any report by selecting the asset reports tab and using the drop-downs to configure your report.

  1. Select Reports under the Assets section (left side drawer, may need to toggle arrow to open)
  2. Choose a report type for the desired action and select the assets you wish to see the report on. (GREEN selection)
  3. Choose a specific date, date range or a quick search option for more recent history. (RED selection, date usage depends on the report type selected)
  4. Select "RUN" to configure the report.


  • Select Columns and Filter before exporting data to filter and sort irrelevant data and get the most out of the reports feature. Then Export to CSV or Print.


  • If you need to save as a PDF you can select print and save as a PDF.
  • Reports will not run if there there is no data in the selection, or the data selected is too large. Please, reduce the number of assets or search/date selection.

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