Geofence Toolbar

Find the "Geofence Toolbar" on the geofences tab.

  • Delete: A user will receive a popup to ensure the user is trying to delete the selected geofence.
  • Edit: a) geofence, b) asset, c) draw geofence.

A) Geofence:

  • Name: The name of your geofence.
  • Icon: This is the symbol you’ll use to identify your geofence.
  • Share: Check the box to share the geofence with other users in your account.
  • Notification: Type and press enter for each email recipient that should be notified.
  • Alert Settings: Select the notification types required for your geofence. Inside alerts (upon entry), outside alerts (upon exit), and speeding alerts (asset is going above the set speed limit.)
  • Notification schedule: Select when we should notify you about these events. The details of your notification will be shown below.

B) Asset Mapping: 

  • Asset groups: The left column is for unassigned assets. To assign the asset to the selected geofence, a user is required to drag the asset from the lest column to the right column and click “Next” to save your work.


C) Draw Geofence:

  • Drawing the geofence: Left click anywhere on the map to create your first point (right-click to delete this) and keep doing this until the geofence is to your liking. Select “Update” to save your work.
  • Auto classification: A user can classify the trips taken within the geofence if this is a personal or business trip.