How to Share an Asset Tracker via Email

To asset share the user can focus and asset in the list and then press the "share focused asset" button to add a recipient, start date and end date.


  1.  Go through miTrail to access the assets tab and select the asset you would like to share. 

  2. Click the button above your asset list to share the focused assets.

  3. Type the recipient email with which you want to share the asset.
  4. Then Select the start date.
  5. Then select the expiry date
  6. Enable the "Share asset history" and click Share.

  1. NOTE: You can share with multiple emails; however, make sure you put a semi-colon (;) between the emails. 
  2. NOTE: the expiry date must be set after the date you share this, or the link will expire)
    - Example: today's date = January 1, 2024; you must set the expiry date after January 1st, 2024.



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