How to create a Geoplace?

Create a new geoplace in the Geoplaces tab, select the assets, create your points and save.


  1.  The user should direct to the Geoplaces tab. 
  2.  Select the geoplace (+) to create a new geoplace.
  3. After selecting this, the user should be prompted with a pop-up page to add the geoplace
  4. Create the geoplace by dragging the mouse to the area where the user would like to create a virtual boundary and click to add the first point of geoplace.
  5. Then, hover around the area and click again to create a line for your geoplace. Keep doing this until you connect your lines.
  6. "Save" to create your geoplace.


  1. Add a notification schedule to receive frequent notifications from the dropdown. 
  2. Choose a geoplace name and decide the assets involved from the dropdown of registered assets. 
  3. Add alert settings from the dropdown and decide if the user would like to receive alerts for accessing (inside, outside and speeding (inside))
  4. The user decides if they would like the map included with the email for a more concise investigation. 


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