Map Settings

Find the "Map settings" on the assets map tab.

  • Autofit: Select tracker and toggle "Autofit" on for the unit to zoom in to the selected tracker and save.
  • Live Map: Select tracker and toggle "Live map" for the unit to refresh asset location every 60 seconds and save.
  • Geofences: Go through the geofences tab and select the geofence you would like to see on the asset map page, go back to the assets map tab, choose a tracker, and toggle "Geofences” on to display the location of the tracker in or outside of the geofence and save.
  • Cluster: Select trackers and toggle "Cluster" to group assets in a nearby area and save.
  • Show Tag: Select a tracker and toggle "Show Tag" to display information about that tracker (ex. name, location, speed, and status) and save.
  • Table View: Select a tracker and toggle "Table view" to show a tabular view of asset position data and save.