MVT-1140 Not Reporting


Always unplug and firmly re-secure the device to the OBD-II port, monitor for 2-5 minutes, and note the lights. After 20 minutes If all lights are solid, you should see your asset updated in the portal within 20 minutes. See below for more details.

Top reasons a device is not working as expected (the device is not reporting)

  1. You may have left the network coverage area
    Your device will report once it returns to the coverage area, and report the trip accurately including the "breadcrumb trail" or "snap to roads" (device model, subscription, and data dependant)
  2. The device is blocked and unable to make the connection
    If you are parked in a covered area and can not receive cell service your device may also not be able to connect and provide real-time data, it will report once it is able to connect
  3. The device does not have power
    Turn the vehicle on to give the device power. It can hold power for some time but may need to be powered on to make a connection, especially if your asset has not moved for some time
  4. It may have been disconnected
    Your device may have been disconnected from the OBD2 port. Please double-check the connection and firmly re-secure

Unable to troubleshoot on your own? We've got you!

  • Email us at providing the username account is associated with and any of the above details that you have noted as well as how long the issue has been occurring.