Professional Subscription plan

Each unit is required one subscription to begin tracking. Our Professional plan is $15.95/month or $155.40/year.


  1. You can change your subscription by accessing the Profile in miTrail.
  2. From here, you can navigate to the payment and devices tab.
  3. Look at your devices under subscriptions, press the 3 vertical dots and "change subscription."


  1. Professional Plan: $15.95/ month or 155.40/year.
  2. A user must add a payment method before selecting a plan 
  3. The professional plan is recommended when using a more business professional approach to tracking a company's fleet.
  4. This is an active plan for a tracker with 1 minute/ 300 degree locate on turns for a real-time speed, trip classification and location tracking. 
  5. Mileage Reports


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