Tracker List - Search & Select

Welcome to your Assets Map, the command center for all your tracking needs! Here, you can see your trackers in action, keep things organized, and find what you're looking for in a flash.

Take Control of Your Trackerverse:

You can select a tracker by clicking on it, or select multiple by clicking additional trackers.

  • A) Search: 

    You can also search for a specific tracker by simply typing its name.

  • B) Filter:
    Sort your trackers by name, recent activity, or even by group. This way, you can find the exact tracker you need in a snap.
  • C) Bulk Actions:
    Need to take action on a bunch of trackers at once? No sweat! Just select all the trackers you want and perform your action – it's that easy. This is a great time-saver for those who manage a large fleet of trackers.
  • D) Deselecting:
    Made a mistake or just want to focus on a single tracker? Simply use the "Clear Selected Trackers" option to deselect any trackers you've chosen. Easy peasy!

Learn more about efficient tracker location with Quick Search: Link to Quick Search Article