Asset Options Menu (Asset Details)

Click the three-dots icon to access the options menu for each asset, and select "Asset Details"

Asset Details brings up your asset and device info along with additional details depending on your subscription needs.

  • Subscription: The plan the device is on.
  • Asset: Unique asset name.
  • VIN: This is the VIN on your vehicle.
  • Engine Alert: Edit in the maintenance schedule.
  • Odometer: The KMS your device has driven (option to set odometer.)
  • Fuel Level: Edit in the maintenance schedule.
  • Device: The device type.
  • Serial number: Device serial number, also referred to as ESN. 
  • Battery: Battery level of the device.
  • Last contact: Last time your device was used.
  • Recent activity: Recent report
  • Driving score: View this month or last month’s alerts (ex. Speed, Hard break, Fast start, etc.), including months odometer reading.
  • Last Location: most recent updated location.
  • Trip Breakdown: View your most recent odometer readings for the day, week, or month)