Tracking Toolbar (Details: Info)

Find the "Tracking Toolbar" on the assets map tab.

  • Subscription: The plan the device is on.
  • Asset: Unique asset name.
  • VIN: This is the VIN on your vehicle.
  • Engine Alert: Edit in the maintenance schedule.
  • Odometer: The KMS your device has driven (option to set odometer.)
  • Fuel Level: Edit in the maintenance schedule.
  • Device: The device type.
  • Serial number
  • Battery: Battery level of the device.
  • Last contact: Last time your device was used.
  • Recent activity: Recent report
  • Driving score: View this month or last month’s alerts (ex. Speed, Hard break, Fast start, etc.), including months odometer reading.
  • Last Location: most recent updated location.
  • Trip Breakdown: View your most recent odometer readings for the day, week, or month)