What is the current draw of the MVT -2020

MVT - 2020 Operating Voltage 8V to 32V

  • The max current draw is around 50mA when it is charging the internal battery
  • The average draw is around 10 mA when in sleep mode.
  • This device will have a burst of 30 mA when communicating.

How many days (not moving) will it last on its own internal battery?

  • The battery size is 200 mA,  meaning at 50 mA it will run for 4 hours.  at 10 mA it would run for 20 hours.  The device is not configured to operate when disconnected, the backup battery is so we can get the power disconnect message, there would be minimal tracking after the power is disconnected.  The non-ignition tracking interval is every 12 hours, so you may only get 1 or 2 more locates after the device is disconnected from the battery.


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