What networks does miTrail GPS use?

miTrail GPS devices require a cellular connection to communicate with our back end systems. There are a variety of bands of the cellular networks as well as varying coverage maps depending on the carrier. We use sims from Canada's top three carriers to maximise coverage for our customers. 

Current Networks - 3G & LTE-M

Devices sold within the last two years would typically be a 3G device. Our current portfolio of devices uses the LTE-M network which the carriers have designed specifically for 'internet of things' devices like our GPS modules. If you have an MVT-3030, MVT-1140D, or MPT-5210, your device is on one of these networks. 

The 3G network is expected to be maintained until at least December of 2025. 

2G Network Shutdown

2G Network Shutdown - December 31, 2021 - Please see the FAQ from Rogers Wireless regarding the network shutdown here: https://www.rogers.com/business/support/iot-network-updates#iot1-2

miTrail has been around since 2005 and during our early days, we used devices operating on the 2G Rogers network. With the upcoming sunset of that network, all 2G devices will need to be upgraded. If you have an XT-2000 or MXP-5000 device, please contact us to upgrade. 

5G Network

We are not utilizing any devices designed for the 5G network at this time as manufacturers are targeting the LTE-M band designed for IoT devices.